Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blast from the Past

Got this can of Sprite today with "metal ring opener" ....remember these? We were watching out for these in the 70s so as not to cut our feet as we ran around the neighborhood in our hotpants and halter tops. Oh to be nine years old again?!?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Watermelon….so good!

The other day, one of my students dropped by my house and gave me a watermelon!  He said that his guardian told him to bring it to me.  Not exactly sure why…but, it was really good (see picture above!).  I think there will be more in June/July which means I can probably buy them in my marker at that time. 

Not much news to tell.  School is going along as usual.  We have a new principal (the “official” government principal).  She is fine, but will miss the “founding principal” John Mwendar.  He definitely is the one who kept this community school growing in the last four years.  There are now almost 150 students up from about 100 last year.  My main goal now is to help the Form 4 students score as high as possible on the national exam.  The average math score is normally very low across the country (no big surprise there for those of us who have taught mathematics), so in the least I am hoping to at least get them to not fail the test (a grade of E).  The top five students have a chance of scoring fairly well if they continue to work and not give up before October! 

I’ll take more pictures soon (not sure how to define “soon”).  Other than this, pretty much routine days.  Still waiting for electricity – but am used to not having it, so all is good.  Bwana Safiweh (Praise God)!