Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why Peace Corps - Why Now?

Some have asked (or thought silently) - Becky, why do you want to go to a place like Kenya and why now? There is no simple answer. I've felt called to go to Africa for probably 20 years and have often searched various possible routes -- this happened to be one that seemed to fit my particular knowledge and experience. For many reasons this is the right time for me (see other post "What Will You Do?). I definitely feel more prepared to go now as opposed to when I was 22 years old, wondering what I could do to be of service. I have much more life experience in many ways that I believe will help me serve better now. So - I am looking forward with excitement (not fear) to the opportunity to learn much about myself and the people with whom I will live and work. I can only imagine that JOY will be the result. I look forward to keeping you updated on this great experience of a lifetime.