Monday, January 25, 2010

My "house"

Not sure if this pic captures it, but the two "front doors" are the doors to my kitchen and bedroom. These are basically two separate cement block rooms with nothing in them - no counters, no shelves, no sinks, no furniture. The bldg to left is my toilet in one stall and bath area in the next. To take a "bath" I have to first go to my kitchen room where I keep jugs of water, fill basin with water, go to bedroom to get little basin with soap, etc, then carry those along with my towel to the outdoor stall (of course i also have to be dressed since i have to go outside). Finally i get in stall, close door, and take like a bucket bath - sometimes if i feel like taking extra time i fill my solar shower which is fantastic! So i have 4 different doors with 4 different padlocks. To me that is more challenging than no elec. But as with anything i've already developed a routine of sorts that makes it seem easier. I'd still like to move to a house that is all self-contained. We'll see?