Friday, February 26, 2010

What Becky Eats in Kenya

I got to an internet cafe today so I thought I'd write a post. So - for those who have known me awhile, you know that my diet in the US was largely a high-carb one (which I guess was taboo to some people but seemed to work for me). You would not be surprised if you came and saw my usual meals. For breakfast I usually eat bread with jam (right now I love this plum jam that I can buy in Malindi), a banana, and a cup of chai. I'd love to have orange juice but I can only buy it in Malindi and it's expensive and I can't refigerate it so it's only good if you drink it the day you buy it. I could get cereal but I have no way to refigerate milk and I really don't like the warm milk and cereal thing. So - I pretty much eat the same breakfast every day. Sometimes I have other things like tea biscuits (like little thin cookies). For lunch I usually go to a local hoteli (restaurant) and get chapati and beans (kind of like baked beans) and a coke (this costs about 50 shillings - a little less than a dollar). I sometimes get rice and beans but rice is not always available. Sometimes I go home and eat a "jelly sandwich" (just like I used to eat everyday for school lunch from my Robin Hood lunch box!) and a coke. There really aren't any crackers or salty snacks in my town. I can buy little bags of peanuts that have been cooked so I get those sometimes. For dinner it depends on if I ate a big lunch. For example, if I had two chapati at lunch then I usually don't eat a lot for dinner. Even so, I generally don't like to cook a lot. It's kind of like being at home in the summertime in Virginia -- it's hot and humid so you don't feel like cooking anything. I have cooked rice but it's hard to make just for one person and I can't save leftovers. Plus it's just less expensive for one person to go buy a bowl of rice or chapati. I have to buy water and fuel, so to use fuel to cook and then more water to wash more pots actually is not efficient for me. I do however get lots of tomatoes and carrots. So - often I just cook them real quick in a small frying pan (kind of like stirfry) and either eat with chapati or these small rolls (Benjamin would love them!). I also can make spaghetti with a stirfry of tomatoes which is really good. One night I bought three of the rolls and used olive oil to cook the carrots and tomatoes. I "toasted" the rolls in the olive oil in the pan then scooped the tomatoey mix on top to make a kind of pizza bread. To me it was great! But I used to do that with pita bread at home so I love it. I also can easily get eggs in my town so I make scrambled eggs with toast (by putting the bread in the pan) and it is great. I can get lots of things in Malindi, but I can't really keep them long because of no refrigeration. But, I did get addicted to this KitKat Chunky bar (so good with a cup of chai). I never really loved the kitkat bar but this chunky one is more like crispy and it is SO GOOD. Plus, when Zahara and I meet in Malindi we usually eat lunch somewhere and sometimes treat ourselves. The other day we found a canoli at a bakery for 30 shillings (about 50 cents) and they were so good. So - I may be fat when I get back?? I'm hoping to get a bike which I didn't decide to do at first, but that may be my only way to get some exercise.