Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Lovely Salad

Yet another food blog. I know some of you say that my salad is rabbit food (not "real" food) but try living most of a year without lettuce and cucumbers ... you just might miss them. Well, in the last two weeks Ive been able to get both and added tomatoes, carrots, some olive oil with a bit of sprinkled basil and cashews to make a great meal. Only prob is I have to eat the whole thing because no way to save it. Eating tonight by candlelight and listening to Pavorotti. Life is indeed good at this moment. Moral of story? Enjoy little moments and it adds up to a lifetime of great memories. [Okay, yeah, that was too corny. What do you expect? Im a math teacher, not a poet!] Now if I could get good, fresh strawberries! That's the ticket.