Saturday, July 9, 2011

Brad Pitt and the rest of us in Kenya

Yes – this looks like Brad Pitt…because it is Brad Pitt (not Brad Alderson). But, alas, not in real life. We met Zahara's visiting brother and stayed a night in Malindi at an inexpensive but nice place called Breezepoint. They have "dorm-like" rooms with bunkbeds (for which we paid about $10 per person) with a type of common room in which there was a TV that had some type of digital signal. There was a channel that played "action movies", so that night we watched the movie Mr & Mrs Smith. It's a bit predictable (no surprise there), but hey, it's Brad Pitt. In my film world, its not nearly as good (not even close) as the same titled movie which is a 1941 comedy with the great comedienne Carole Lombard (directed oddly enough by Alfred Hitchcock). Now, that Mr & Mrs Smith is a true classic comedy!

Zahara had planned for us to go on Sunday to a place called Mida Creek but because we all just wanted to rest (and take advantage of the showers) we just stayed in Malindi and visited this touristy place that is a Falconry/Snake park. You know how you often don't visit the places closest to you (I still haven't been to Mount Vernon). So, we went off for a short visit which was actually fun and interesting plus it wasn't a really hot day, so it was all good.We saw lots of birds that are "rescued" and are kept here until they can be released into the wild.

Our guide told us a lot about the various birds but of course I can't remember all the information. I did get a picture of me with this one bird because the guide made a big deal about the age of this bird (36) and of course I felt really old then!! Ha!There were also snakes (sorry no pictures) and the obligatory big turtle mzee (old man). I think the turtle was a couple of hundred years old.

We had a good time joking as we strolled along the wooded park. If I were more literary, this would be a much better story, but not so much!!

But, I will end with this beautiful picture of Alli, Zahara, and me! Yes – that is me again with the graying hair. I can also tell that my face is more "full" which means I really should start running!! Just can't seem to get motivated to accomplish that task. Well – there will be time back in the US!
OKAY -- decided to add one more picture (nothing to do with the bird park visit).  This is my Form 4 class (the first one ever for this school!).  This means that they are the first students from this school who will "graduate" (sit for the national exam).  Pray for the best!